pink tractor beam into your incision

head spinning as free as dervishs' whirl

11 June
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high fives with butcher knives.

about me:

basic stuff:
[x]Jackie [x]singular [x]fifteen [x]4' 11" [x]short curly brown hair [x]hopeless romantic [x]fucking edge
my bands:
[x]the postal service [x]incubus [x]the bled♥ [x]mindset [x]rilo kiley [x]the number 12 looks like you [x]coheed and cambria [x]death cab for cutie [x]alexisonfire [x]every time i die [x]jimmy eat world [x]in flames [x]cursive [x]interpol [x]sex pistols [x]saves the day [x]bikini kill [x]saetia [x]bane

love it:
[x]emo guys [x]indie guys [x]hardcore guys [x]scene guys [x]programmers [x]guitarists [x]singers [x]hopeless romantics [x]guys with tight pants [x]tall guys 6 foot and over [x]big puppy eyes [x]asymmetrical hair [x]electro-indie [x]indie [x]emo [x]indiecore [x]emocore [x]mellow music [x]hardcore [x]techno [x]buttons [x]honesty [x]hello kitty [x]the color green [x]programming [x]muffins [x]html coding [x]cats [x]zipper hoodies [x]loud and obnoxious colors

hate it:
[x]people who can't type [x]drugs and fucking drug addicts [x]people who like exceptionally bad
music [x]ugly people without the personality to
back them up [x]people who vote you no because
they're jealous that you're actually cute [x]judgemental people [x]people who talk behind other people's
backs and hate them for no reason [x]people who dress for attention [x]annoying fucking laughs [x]people who show off stuff that doesn't
exist [x]fucking fake people [x]pop punk and pop emo bands [x]people too uptight or angry to have fun [x]cigarette smokers. ew. [x]fucking little self disrespecting sluts

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(note: journals start with the earliest to the latest&one more thing..wow i was such a fag back then)

Marriage is love.

mindset on myspace - both new songs uploaded
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